Fantasy Fit - Beach Body Workout, Zumba & Clubbercise classes

Q) What do I wear?
A) Clothes that are suitable for the gym or anything comfortable like leggings and a T-shirt and suitable trainers, not converse or slip on's etc...
Q) I am a complete beginner, is the class suitable for me?
A) Of course, classes are designed for all levels of fitness and experience.
Q) Is there anywhere to park?
A) Yes all of the venue's I use have either car parks or road side parking right outside.
Q) Can I bring my son/daughter along?
A) Yes from the age of 16 they can participate.

Q) Can I participate in clubbercise if I do not have glow sticks?
A) Unfortunately not, it is clubbercise policy that everyone has the branded clubbercise glow sticks.
Q) Do I need to bring anything else?
A) Just some water and plenty of enthusiasm!
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